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World’s first digital cash built right.

Innovative stable coin
iconIssued By DAO
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iconBacked by tokenized US T-bills
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About Open Money

Open Money reserves are liquid tokenized short term U.S. government debt obligations
Unlike other RWA backed stables Open Money is a DAO. Thus it operates without centralized control or reliance on key individuals, embodying a genuinely decentralized community-driven stablecoin. 90% of governance tokens will be (eventually) owned by the community
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  • No centralized blocking of addresses
  • Cryptographically insured 1:1 ratio of reserves & tokens in circulation
  • Rule based system – no human control
  • Real web3 money – issued by DAO, reserved by tokens

A2A – all to all payments

ALL2ALL payments present a revolutionary approach to digital cash, designed for simplicity and ease akin to traditional banknotes.

Open Money offers instantaneous financial transactions, enabling direct engagement with 7.89 billion people globally, without necessitating any prior experience in web3 technology.

Open Money allows for gas fees to be paid in the same native token, making experience seamless and easy


Open Money token


Open Money API

Payments gateway is easy-to-use API for using omUSD for payments

Open Money payments is an end-to-end infrastructure for mobile-first all-to-all payments and a merchant gateway

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